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Lexington Coffee Sumatra Mandheling


Sumatra Mandheling

Lexington Coffee Roasters

This cup has sort of a burnt orange peel taste to it.  Very juicy and pleasing to drink.  This would make a great breakfast coffee or go well with some light pastries in the afternoon.  8/10

Lexington Coffee Bali Kintamani


Bali Kintamani

Lexington Coffee Roasters

Very sweet strawberry aroma with the sourness of red wine.  Very light and subtle.  I made the mistake of adding cream and sugar, which completely drowned out the coffee flavors.  7/10


Lexington Coffee Espresso Giusto


Espresso Giusto

Lexington Coffee

A well-balanced cup with syrupy body and chocolate notes.  It hasn’t been roasted to oblivion, so you can still taste hints of berry.  Pretty good, 8/10.


Lexington Coffee Ethiopia Sidamo Guji


Ethiopia Sidamo Guji

Lexington Coffee Roasters

This coffee got a very high 94 points on Coffee Review, and it was well-deserved.  It’s one of the few coffees that I enjoy black more than when dressed up with cream and sugar.  These beans were dried in-fruit and roasted lightly, giving it a very herbal and fruity aroma that is very heavy on the blueberry.  And it was roasted right here in Virginia!

This one gets 10/10, as one of the best coffees I’ve tried all year.




Allegro Vienna Roast


Allegro Vienna Roast

Whole bean, medium roast, prepared with Cuisinart Grind’n'Brew

Faint burnt aroma, smooth in the mouth, followed by a burnt aftertaste.  Very flat with not much complexity.  If you like using flavored creamers, this coffee should be ideal.  4/10



Larry’s Beans Uganda Peaberry



Larry’s Beans Uganda Peaberry

Whole bean, brewed with Cuisinart Grind n brew

Certified Fair Trade coffee from the Gumutindo Cooperative, operating from the slopes of Mount Elgon in southeastern Uganda.

Has a chocolate aroma. Strong berry notes on the tongue, followed by a dry grassy aftertaste. 7/10

Eight O’Clock Original



Eight O’Clock Original

Whole Bean, prepared in my Cuisinart Grind’n'Brew

I found a pebble in the beans soon after I opened the bag. Hopefully that’s not an indication of the quality of the coffee.

There’s not much aroma in this coffee, perhaps just a hint of cherry. Not much taste to speak of either, just a slight sourness of fruit at the back of the tongue. It goes down like hot water.

This coffee is best with a little cream and sugar, which completely hides any complexity in flavor that the coffee might have, but brings out some of the more pleasant coffee roast flavor.

Not good, but not horrible either, I give it 5/10.

Dunkin Donuts Original Blend


Dunkin Donuts Original Blend
Whole bean, medium roast, autodrip brewed

This is the coffee that is supposedly giving Starbucks a run for its money. It has a subdued berry aroma that tapers as the coffee cools. In the mouth it is refreshingly smooth with the sourness of berries and slightly astringent on the aftertaste. This is a very drinkable cup of coffee that is well suited for enjoying in the morning.

I’ll give it a 7/10. While it isn’t extraordinary, it sets a good standard for breakfast blends.